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Federal Institute of Metrology METAS


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The CIPM Sub-Committee on Governance was set up by the CIPM in its decision CIPM/112-09 (2023).

Following the 26th CGPM (2018), a working group of Member States discussed various issues related to the governance of the organization. This working group delivered its final report at the 27th CGPM (2022).

In order to concretize this preliminary work, the 27th CGPM gave the CIPM the mandate to prepare By-Laws for the organization to address institutional and governance matters and during this process to consult widely with the Member States. The By-laws are to be presented for approval at the 28th CGPM (2026).


Terms of reference

The CIPM Sub-Committee on Governance advises the CIPM in the execution of the mandate of the 27th CGPM to modernize the organization.

It supports the CIPM in modernizing the operations and the governance of the organization.

It consults the State Representatives on the proposed By-Laws of the BIPM and on the Rules of Procedure of the CGPM.

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