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110th meeting of the CIPM (Session II) (online)

18 to 20 October 2021

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Decision CIPM/110-14 (2021)

The CIPM accepted the minutes of the first session of the 110th meeting of the CIPM as a true record.

Decision CIPM/110-15 (2021)

The CIPM noted the decision taken by correspondence on 16 July 2021 to sign an MoU between the BIPM and CODATA based on the draft circulated.

Decision CIPM/110-16 (2021)

The CIPM revised the document “Criteria and process for election of CIPM Members” to align Section C (page 5) with Resolution 2 adopted by the CGPM at its 25th meeting (2014) by stating that there are nine (and not seven) seats on the Committee for Election of the CIPM (CEC).

Decision CIPM/110-17 (2021)

The CIPM decided, based on the criteria it has previously adopted, that it would be appropriate for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to accede to the Metre Convention. The BIPM Director will convey the Decision, recalling Resolution 4 ‘On the status of Associate State of the General Conference’ adopted by the CGPM at its 24th meeting, and the implications regarding the increase in subscription should the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg choose to remain as an Associate of the CGPM.

Decision CIPM/110-18 (2021)

Following the recommendations dated 7 September 2020 from the Pension Fund Advisory Board (PFAB) and the recommendations from the CIPM Sub-Committee on Finance meeting held on 6 October 2021, the CIPM decided to authorize the exceptional transfer of 3 million € of unreserved cash to the Pension Fund in 2021.

The CIPM also decided to consider a further exceptional transfer in 2022 following the publication of the audited financial report for 2021 and the development of a long-term financial plan for the BIPM.

Decision CIPM/110-19 (2021)

Following the recommendation of the CIPM Sub-Committee on Finance, the CIPM approved the budget proposed by the Director for 2022.

Decision CIPM/110-20 (2021)

The CIPM received the report from the CCU on the Core Metrological Terms and noted that consensus could not be reached on the matter of three definitions (quantity, quantity of value and unit). The CIPM requests the CIPM Task Group on the Digital SI (CIPM TG DSI) to review the “machine actionability” of the three definitions under discussion and to report to the meeting of the CIPM in March 2022.

Decision CIPM/110-21 (2021)

The CIPM accepted the following changes to the members and observers to the Consultative Committees:

  • observership to CCM for NSC‐IM (Ukraine) and CMS/ITRI (Chinese Taipei)
  • observership of CCRI for NSC‐IM (Ukraine)
  • membership of CCU for NSC‐IM (Ukraine)

Decision CIPM/110-22 (2021)

The CIPM approved the Joint Statement of Intent on the digital transformation in the international scientific and quality infrastructure and noted the intent for the Joint Statement to be signed by the OIML, CODATA and IMEKO. Other major stakeholders will be approached before the next quadripartite meeting of the BIPM, ILAC, ISO and OIML scheduled for March 2022.

Decision CIPM/110-23 (2021)

The CIPM supported the plan for a Consultative Committee survey on NMI/DI plans for digital calibration certificates and engagement with the Digital SI Framework.

Decision CIPM/110-24 (2021)

The CIPM nominated Dr Steele as its representative for the IMEKO TC6 International Conference on Metrology and Digital Transformation (M4D).

Decision CIPM/110-25 (2021)

The CIPM approved edition 1.1 of the CIPM Rules of Procedure. The CIPM requested the BIPM Director to publish the amended CIPM Rules of Procedure and to update the Compendium accordingly.

Decision CIPM/110-26 (2021)

The CIPM nominated Dr Steele as its representative to the General Assembly of CODATA.


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