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106th meeting of the CIPM

16 to 20 October 2017

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Decision CIPM/106-29 (2017)

The CIPM accepted document CIPM/17-23.1 as its position on revision of the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM).

Decision CIPM/106-27 (2017)

The CIPM asked the CIPM President to invite each RMO to send one or two representatives to the next meeting of the CC Presidents (19-20 June 2018). These representatives should be prepared to address the recommendations of the review of the CIPM MRA in order to ensure common understanding between the CCs and the RMOs on technical and quality-system issues.

Decision CIPM/106-26 (2017)

The CIPM asked Dr May to reinstate the CIPM ad hoc Working Group on Membership to propose some clarification of the text in "Step 5: Seating of a newly elected CIPM" in the "Criteria and Process for Election of CIPM members" for discussion at the next meeting.

Decision CIPM/106-25 (2017)

The CIPM decided to amend Section B (page 3) of the "Criteria and Process for Election of CIPM Members" (Sept 2014), by adding the phrase

"Each member shall be willing to act as the President of a Consultative Committee or of a CIPM Sub-committee".

Decision CIPM/106-24 (2017)

The CIPM decided to revise the level of reserves shown in the BIPM Financial report to 50 % of the annual dotation, with immediate effect.

Decision CIPM/106-23 (2017)

The CIPM agreed the BIPM Strategy (2018) with a change to the text of the final line of the "mission" to read "Improving the quality of life and sustaining the global environment".

Decision CIPM/106-22 (2017)

The CIPM asked the BIPM to work with any Associate State included in Decision CIPM/106-21 and that is in arrears in order to establish a rescheduling agreement.

Decision CIPM/106-21 (2017)

The CIPM decided that an Associate State of the CGPM that does not meet the criteria set in Decision CIPM/106-20 and that has already been encouraged to accede to the Metre Convention, and as a result is paying an increased subscription, shall have its subscription reduced to the minimum for an Associate State. The reduction will come into force in 2018 and will not be retroactive.

Decision CIPM/106-20 (2017)

The CIPM decided that when considering whether it is appropriate for an Associate State of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) to be encouraged to accede to the Metre Convention and hence become a Member State, it will take into account whether it has:

The above criteria will be applied in the implementation of Resolution 4 of the CGPM (2011) "On the status of Associate State of the General Conference".

This decision revises the criteria adopted by the CIPM at its 98th (2009) and 99th (2010) meetings.

The above notwithstanding, the CIPM reaffirmed that an Associate State of the CGPM may choose to accede to the Metre Convention and become a Member State at any time should it so wish.

Decision CIPM/106-19 (2017)

The CIPM accepted the following changes to the membership and observership of the Consultative Committees:

  • CCEM
    • NIS (Egypt) as an observer.
  • CCM
    • DFM (Denmark) as a member.
  • CCQM
    • VNIIFTRI (Russian Federation) as an observer.
    • (Ireland) is no longer a member of the CCQM. (Since Ireland is a Member State, a representative from SL will be able to attend as an observer upon request).
  • CCT
    • (Czech Republic) as a member.
  • CCTF
    • Chunghwa Telecom Laboratory (Chinese Taipei) as an observer.
  • CCU
    • LNE (France) as a member.

Decision CIPM/106-18 (2017)

The CIPM decided that, in order to further emphasize the consultative nature of the Consultative Committees and the importance of the consensus-based decision-making processes, Document CIPM-D-01 should be updated so as not to make any reference to voting taking place in CCs.

Decision CIPM/106-15 (2017)

The CIPM decided that the mises en pratique prepared by the CCs for each of the base units should be presented in a common format to be developed by the BIPM editing team.

Decision CIPM/106-14 (2017)

The CIPM welcomed the excellent progress on the promotion of the revised SI by the CIPM Task Group for Promotion of the SI and encouraged all NMIs to take advantage of the material they develop.

Decision CIPM/106-13 (2017)

The CIPM approved the edited version of the 9th edition of the SI Brochure, as approved by the CCU, changed by adding the preface on "The BIPM and the Metre Convention" used in the 8th edition of the SI Brochure modified only by correcting the numbers of Member States and Associate States/Economies and simultaneously deleting what was Appendix 1 on "The Metre Convention and its Organs".

Decision CIPM/106-11 (2017)

The CIPM authorized the CIPM President to convey its support for the publication of the final numerical values for the defining constants to the Task Group for Fundamental Constants convened by CODATA.

Decision CIPM/106-10 (2017)

The International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM) welcomed recommendations regarding the redefinition of the SI from its Consultative Committees.

The CIPM noted that the agreed conditions for the redefinition are now met and decided to submit draft Resolution A to the 26th meeting of the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM) and to undertake all other necessary steps to proceed with the planned redefinition of the kilogram, ampere, kelvin and mole.

Decision CIPM/106-9 (2017)

The CIPM requested the CCM to provide, for the next meeting of the CIPM, a formally approved note on the dissemination process after the redefinition of the kilogram, addressing in particular the definition of the consensus value, as well as an updated mise en pratique, taking into account the comments made at the 106th meeting of the CIPM.

Decision CIPM/106-8 (2017)

The CIPM decided to increase the number of serving staff elected by the staff to the PFAB from one to three, each serving a term of 4 years. It will continue, when possible, with the practice of engaging an external expert on the PFAB drawn from amongst the representatives of the Member States.

Decision CIPM/106-7 (2017)

Following review of the actuarial modelling carried out by the actuaries at Mercer, and Decision CIPM/105 06 by which the CIPM:

  • increased the annual contributions by the BIPM to the Pension Fund by 400 k€ in 2017 and 150 k€ in every year thereafter, and
  • implemented increases in the contribution rate for active staff

The CIPM decided unanimously that the Pension Point will not be adjusted for the period 2018-2019.


Decision CIPM/106-6 (2017)

The CIPM decided unanimously to modify the Rules of the BIPM Pension and Provident Fund to state that the unit used to calculate pensions shall henceforth be the Pension Point and that the CIPM may, if the need to ensure long-term financial sustainability warrants so, phase in the adjustment of the Pension Point value, apply it in part, suspend it or defer it. (The modification is applicable to all three Sections of the Fund: Pre-2010, Post-2010 and Post-2017.)

Decision CIPM/106-5 (2017)

The CIPM decided to modify Title IV of the Regulations of the Pension and Provident Fund relating to the Pension Fund Advisory Board to add to its membership one elected representative of pensioners and deferred pensioners of the BIPM serving a term of 4 years.

Decision CIPM/106-4 (2017)

The CIPM decided to draft a resolution for submission to the 26th meeting of the CGPM regarding the process for the exclusion of Member States in arrears.

Decision CIPM/106-3 (2017)

The CIPM approved the budget proposed by the Director for 2018 (document CIPM/2016-05.3).

Decision CIPM/106-2 (2017)

The CIPM confirmed its approval of the audited financial statements of the BIPM and of the BIPM Pension and Provident Fund which were reviewed by the CIPM Sub Committee on Finance in June 2017. The CIPM granted the BIPM Director quietus for the 2016 exercise.

Decision CIPM/106-1 (2017)

The CIPM accepted the minutes of the 105th meeting of the CIPM as a true record.


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