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Working Group of Member State Representatives (WG-MS)


Mrs Daniela Arruda Benjamin

Minister-Counsellor, Deputy delegate of Brazil to International Economic Organizations in Paris

Ambassade du Brésil à Paris


Mr Robert Gunn

Head of International

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom

BIPM contact

Mr Felipe Rojas Ceballos

Legal Adviser

Bureau international des poids et mesures


List of meetings

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Past Meeting

  • 18
  • February
  • 2021

Past Meeting

  • 16
  • October
  • 2020

Past Meeting

  • 18
  • October
  • 2019


Terms of reference

The terms of reference were agreed at a meeting of Member State Representatives in October 2019.

  1. Examine the roles, responsibilities and relations of the organs set forth under the Metre Convention;
  2. In light of the above, clarify how to best to distinguish the work done by the organization, in particular the "Technical/Laboratory" and "Secretariat/Administrative" aspects;
  3. Consider principles of clarity and transparency;
  4. Present appropriate documented input to assist Member States in their preparation for the 27th meeting of the CGPM.

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The Working Group is intended to be inclusive; all Member State Representatives are welcome to participate in its activities.

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