Resolution 3 of the 26th CGPM (2018)

On the objectives of the BIPM

The General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), at its 26th meeting,



  • the importance of the use of the SI for innovation, industrial and societal needs,
  • the continuing role of the BIPM following the revision of the International System of Units (SI),
  • the success of the CIPM MRA and the implementation of the recommendations following its recent review,
  • the core role of metrology within the international Quality Infrastructure and the importance of international recognition of measurements for conformity assessment,
  • the growing interest in participation in the activities of the BIPM, particularly from States with emerging metrology systems,


  • the revised strategy and objectives for the BIPM, agreed by the CIPM, allowing planning beyond the four-year cycle of the BIPM Work Programme and leading to best use of resources, including investment in people, infrastructure and equipment,
  • the development of a long-term strategic view which, together with a consolidated planning process, underpins the development of the BIPM Work Programme in consultation with Member States,
  • the continuous efforts of the BIPM to engage more States in its activities,
  • the recognition of a common definition for the Quality Infrastructure by the World Bank and the ten international and intergovernmental organizations that form the network on metrology, accreditation, standardization and conformity assessment for developing countries (DCMAS Network), including the BIPM,


that the objectives of the BIPM are to:

  • represent the world-wide measurement community, aiming to maximize its uptake and impact,
  • be a centre for scientific and technical collaboration between Member States, providing capabilities for international measurement comparisons on a shared-cost basis,
  • be the coordinator of the world-wide measurement system, ensuring it gives comparable and internationally accepted measurement results,

that fulfilling the BIPM mission and objectives is complemented by its work in:

  • capacity building, which aims to achieve a global balance between the metrology capabilities in Member States,
  • knowledge transfer, which ensures that the work of the BIPM has the greatest impact.

DOI : 10.59161/CGPM2018RES3E

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text

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