Resolution 5 of the 25th CGPM (2014)

On the importance of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement

The General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), at its 25th meeting,



  • the relevance and importance of the CIPM MRA as expressed in particular by the CGPM in Resolution 6 (2003) adopted at its 22nd meeting and in Resolution 4 (2007) adopted at its 23rd meeting,
  • the appreciation and support expressed by all interested parties for the CIPM MRA since its entry into force more than fifteen years ago,
  • the positive social and economic impact of the CIPM MRA in providing for the mutual recognition of national measurement standards and of calibration and measurement certificates,


  • that after fifteen years of successful operation of the CIPM MRA, there is a need to review its implementation and operation,
  • that the activities carried out under the CIPM MRA are of direct relevance to the role, mission and objectives of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM),
  • the unique and distinct role of the Regional Metrology Organizations (RMOs) within the activities of the CIPM MRA, through the Joint Committee of the Regional Metrology Organizations and the BIPM (JCRB) and for the Associates of the CGPM,
  • the improvements being made within the existing framework including the strategic planning of comparisons and ongoing streamlining of processes,
  • a workshop planned for 2015 to engage in a broad discussion of the CIPM MRA, involving: Directors of National Metrology Institutes, Member States representatives, representatives of RMOs and other relevant stakeholders concerning the benefits of the CIPM MRA, as well as establishing views on what works well, and what needs to be improved regarding its implementation,


  • the Consultative Committees and the JCRB to continue their ongoing efforts to streamline operations within the existing framework, and to prepare for and contribute to the wider review in 2015,
  • the CIPM to establish a working group under the chairmanship of its President, with membership to be determined at the 2015 workshop, to conduct a review of the implementation and operation of the CIPM MRA,


  • its recommendation that the principles of the CIPM MRA be included in intergovernmental agreements as appropriate,


  • all signatories of the CIPM MRA to support the activities and work of the working group on the CIPM MRA.

DOI : 10.59161/CGPM2014RES5E

The reader should note that the official version of this Resolution is the French text

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