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20th meeting of the CGPM (1995)

9 to 13 October 1995

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CGPM Resolution 1 (1995)

The need to use SI units in studies of Earth resources, the environment, human well-being and related issues

CGPM Resolution 2 (1995)

World-wide traceability of measurement standards

CGPM Resolution 3 (1995)

The need for long-term metrological research

CGPM Resolution 4 (1995)

Revision of the mise en pratique of the definition of the metre

CGPM Resolution 5 (1995)

Monitoring the stability of the international prototype of the kilogram

CGPM Resolution 6 (1995)

Clock comparison by satellite laser techniques

CGPM Resolution 7 (1995)

Metrology in chemistry

CGPM Resolution 8 (1995)

Elimination of the class of supplementary units in the SI

CGPM Resolution 9 (1995)

Dotation of the BIPM

CGPM Resolution 10 (1995)

Future relations with the Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale

CGPM Resolution 11 (1995)

Metrology: long-term needs

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