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18th meeting of the CGPM

12 to 16 October 1987

Meeting report

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CGPM Resolution 1 (1987)

Third verification of the national prototypes of the kilogram

CGPM Resolution 2 (1987)

Study of the surface condition of mass standards

CGPM Resolution 3 (1987)

Assumption of responsibility for International Atomic Time

CGPM Resolution 4 (1987)

Time comparisons using satellite links

CGPM Resolution 5 (1987)

Study of perturbing effects in the realization of the second

CGPM Resolution 6 (1987)

Forthcoming adjustment to the representations of the volt and of the ohm

CGPM Resolution 7 (1987)

Development of a new international temperature scale

CGPM Resolution 8 (1987)

Apportionment of contributions

CGPM Resolution 9 (1987)

Funding of the BIPM

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