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CCU Task Group on angle and dimensionless quantities in the SI Brochure (CCU-TG-ADQSIB)


Dr Richard J.C. Brown

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom

Executive Secretary

Dr Michael Stock

Director of the Physical Metrology Department

Bureau international des poids et mesures


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Acknowledging the current status of angle within the SI Brochure as not being a base unit (Section 2.3.3), the Task Group will:

  • review the 9th Edition of the SI Brochure and highlight the parts (text, tables, footnotes, etc) relevant to angle and dimensionless quantities;
  • decide whether the parts identified could be improved to aid understanding;
  • attempt to reach consensus on updated entries for those parts where improvement would be beneficial;
  • consider whether a new, additional Appendix to the SI Brochure would be useful to explain more fully the special considerations for angle and dimensionless quantities;
  • review the historical use of SI supplementary units and consider whether reintroduction would be of benefit (for the units radians, steradians and one);
  • present the outcomes in the form of a short report and list of proposals to the next CCU meeting and also provide progress updates to the CCU Working Group on Strategy.

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