Working Group Members

CCTF Working Group on Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer (CCTF-WGTWSTFT)


Mr Carsten Rieck

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB



Dr Miho Fujieda

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan



Dr Frédéric Meynadier

Bureau international des poids et mesures


cctf-wgtwstft membership text


The members of the working group are representatives and especially experts of the participating institutes as well as representatives of prospective participating institutes.

Representatives of institutes interested in this field are encouraged to follow the activities as observers.

List of meetings

Meetings and related documents


Terms of reference

  • to perform coordination activities related to TWSTFT between participating and prospective institutes;
  • to act as a point of contact for BIPM on TWSTFT matters;
  • to organize the operation of TWSTFT links to support the production of TAI;
  • to perform calibration campaigns to reduce the time link uncertainties between participating institutes;
  • to observe and review the needs for remote frequency and time comparisons of frequency standards and atomic time scales;
  • to establish and maintain dedicated TWSTFT links to support remote clock comparisons,
  • to identify future needs of remote clock comparisons;
  • to undertake research for the improvement of TWSTFT;
  • to follow and assess other techniques, including GNSS, optical fibers, optical satellite links which could be used for remote (optical) clock comparisons;
  • together with BIPM, to foster the spread of information on technical achievements by suitable means, e.g. via BIPM webpage.

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