Working Group Members

CCTF Working Group on Coordination of the Development of Advanced Time and Frequency Transfer Techniques (CCTF-WGATFT)


Dr Davide Calonico

National Institute of Metrological Research/Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica



Dr Frédéric Meynadier

Bureau international des poids et mesures


cctf-wgatft members


  • One representative from the CCTF-WGTAI
  • One representative from the CCTF-WG-ALGO
  • One representative from the CCTF-WGGNSS
  • One representative from the CCTF-WGTWSTFT
  • One representative from the CCTF-WGPSFS
  • Two representatives from the CCL-CCTF WGFS
  • One representative from the BIPM, who will serve as the CCTF-WGATFT Secretary
  • Other experts from laboratory members of the CCTF

List of meetings


Terms of reference

  • to review the status and projected evolution of the characteristics of frequency, standards, time scales and time and frequency transfer techniques;
  • to follow and assess the evolution of microwave links in current use, based on GNSS signals and TWSTFT;
  • to follow and assess other technical possibilities, including optical fibre links, optical satellite links, and transportable optical frequency standards, which could be used for comparison of high performance frequency standards;
  • to establish the relevant connections and facilitate consultations with other relevant bodies, such as IGS, IUGG, IVS, ITU, etc;
  • together with BIPM, to foster the spread of information on technical achievements by suitable means, e.g. workshops;
  • to propose and organize novel comparison and calibration campaigns, including multiple techniques (such as GNSS, TWSTFT, ACES microwave link, T2L2, optical fibre links).

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