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CCT Working Group for Strategic Planning (CCT-WG-SP)


Dr Dolores del Campo Maldonado

Director of Mechanical Quantities and Engineering Division

Centro Español de Metrología



Dr Stéphane Solve

Electricity Department

Bureau international des poids et mesures


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Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the CCT-WG-SP are to ensure the effective long term development of the SI unit kelvin and associated quantities for the benefit of all users.

This is realized by the CCT-WG-SP by:

  • maintaining and reviewing a strategic planning document for the CCT;
  • harmonizing the work of the CCT and its working- and task- groups;
  • advising the CCT President on all general, scientific and strategic issues relevant for the CCT;
  • reviewing the CCT structure for optimal operational efficiency;
  • facilitating the linkage between the CCT and the RMO-TC-Ts.