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CCT Working Group for Non-Contact Thermometry (CCT-WG-NCTh)


Prof. Graham Machin

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom

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Past Meeting

  • 14
  • May
  • 2024

Past Meeting

  • 03
  • April
  • 2023

Past Meeting

  • 15
  • October
  • 2020

Past Meeting

  • 14
  • June
  • 2019


Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the CCT-WG-NCTh are to study and provide definitive advice to the CCT on issues related to thermal radiation and other approaches underlying non-contact temperature measurements.

WG-NCTh is tasked with:

  • Review and report on measurements of T- T90 and associated fixed points by means of primary non-contact thermometry;
  • Review research and application of non-contact thermometry primary thermometers to realise the kelvin;
  • Review and advise CCT on research related to high-temperature fixed points;
  • Provide appropriate input, including revisions, into the mise en pratique for the definition of the kelvin;
  • Provide, where required, updates for a) the supplementary information and b) approximating techniques as regards the ITS-90;
  • Support world-wide efforts in standardization of radiation thermometer and thermal imager testing and calibration;
  • Develop appropriate uncertainty budgets for radiation thermometry;
  • Recommend key comparisons relevant to WG-NCTh and to the CCT;
  • Develop, when required, guidance for measurement best practice for secondary/novel non-contact thermometry techniques (e.g. phosphor, gold-cup thermometry, flame and plasma thermometry);
  • Lead a key comparison of calibrators for body temperature thermometers (ear/forehead/thermal imagers);
  • Work with appropriate standardisation bodies (e.g. ISO/IEC) concerned with producing standards for body temperature measurement devices.