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CCT Working Group for Key Comparisons (CCT-WG-KC)


Dr Andrea Peruzzi

National Research Council of Canada


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Past Meeting

  • 14
  • May
  • 2024

Past Meeting

  • 03
  • April
  • 2023

Past Meeting

  • 13
  • October
  • 2020

Past Meeting

  • 30
  • May
  • 2017


Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the CCT-WG-KC are to oversee all aspects of key comparison documentation, starting with the protocol and ending with the Draft B Report and the KCDB entry, including provision of advice to pilots on the calculation of degrees of equivalence, key comparison reference values and linkage between RMO and CIPM key comparisons.


  • examining all relevant document for each key comparison starting with the protocol and ending with the Draft B Report;
  • advising the pilot laboratory in preparing the text of the entry to Appendix B of the CIPM MRA as required, and to approve the Draft B Report on behalf of the CCT for inclusion into the BIPM key comparison database (KCDB);
  • advising the pilot laboratory about the preparation of a comparison status document;
  • review and comment on supplementary comparison Draft B reports.