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23rd meeting of the CCT

9 to 10 June 2005

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Working documents

  • CCT Workshop on Uncertainty in Temperature Fixed Points
    G. Bonnier, R. Rusby 20/09/2004
  • Workshop on Methods for New Determinations of the Boltzmann Constant
    B. Fellmuth, J. Fischer, C. Gaiser, W. Buck 02/05/2005
  • Cryoscopic Constant, Heat and Enthalpy of Fusion of Metals and Water
    S. Rudtsch 29/08/2005
  • Spectrally Selected Linearity Measurement of a Radiation Thermometer Using High-Brightness Light Emitting Diodes
    Chul Woung Park et al. 13/05/2005
  • Methodologies for the estimation of uncertainties and the correction fo fixed-point temperatures attributable to the influence of chemical impurities
    B. Fellmuth et al. 17/05/2005
  • Working Group 5 Report to CCT: June 2005
    J. Fischer et al. 17/05/2005
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Correction Coefficient of the Triple Point Cell of Water
    H. Sakurai 17/05/2005
  • Comparison of humidity measurements using a dew point meter as a transfer standard, APMP-IC-1-97, Draft B
    Wang Li 18/05/2005
  • Double anomalous peak in the heat capacity just below the triple point of e-H2 with FeO(OH)
    T. Nakano, O. Tamura, H. Sakurai 18/05/2005
  • Research Activities on Water Triple Point Cells in the Netherlands
    A. Peruzzi et al. 26/05/2005
  • Implementation of M-C eutectics into mainstream metrology
    G. Machin, Y. Yamada, P. Bloembergen 26/05/2005
  • Working Group 4 Report to CCT
    R. L. Rusby 07/06/2005
  • Effect of thermal treatment on realization of the cryogenic fixed points of the ITS-90 (corrected version)
    T. Nakano, O. Tamura, H. Sakurai 30/05/2005
  • 2005 Report of CCT Working Group 7: Key Comparisons
    A. Steele 10/06/2005
  • The Relation between Deuterium Content and Melting Range of the Triple Point of e-Hydrogen
    H. Sakurai, O. Tamura 10/06/2005
  • Working Group 9 Report to CCT, June 2005
    T. Baba 24/06/2005
  • Recommendation T1 (2005) to the CIPM, final version
  • Recommendation T3 (2005) to the CIPM, final version

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