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CCRI Webinar on 'Radon Metrology: Advancements and Challenges in International Indoor Air Quality Assessment'

23 May 2023

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Radon isotopes are radioactive gases that decay through alpha particle emission, resulting in solid progenies that are isotopes of lead and bismuth. These progenies can further decay through alpha or beta transitions. Since radon isotopes originate from the isotopes of uranium and thorium present in soil, they are one of the main sources of natural radioactivity and the second leading cause of lung cancer, as stated by the World Health Organization. Therefore, monitoring radon concentrations in public or private areas, especially in mines, is crucial. Consequently, maintaining good metrological traceability of radon and its progenies is essential for calibrating commercial radon detectors and accurately studying their properties. In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the current status of radon metrology, focusing on the standards developed by various national metrology institutes and other aspects related to radon metrology.

Speaker: Benoît SABOT - Laboratoire National Henri Becquerel (France)


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Webinar Benoit Sabot - 05232023

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