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[closed] CCRI Section III: Key Comparisons Working Group (CCRI-KCWG(III))


Dr Vincent Gressier

Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire



Terms of reference

The purpose of the KCWG(III) was to support and aid the CCRI(III) and the BIPM in meeting obligations arising from the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement, and to identify areas of neutron metrology that require further attention in the pursuit of improved standards, key comparison reference values and degrees of equivalence.

The KCWG(III) provided support in evaluating approaches for comparisons in neutron metrology, guidance on types of comparisons supporting laboratories' claims of measurement capabilities, and providing advice to both the BIPM and the CCRI(III) on the reports and results arising from CCRI and RMO comparisons.

This work is now undertaken directly by the CCRI(III).



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