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Meeting of the CCRI(II) (2005)

23 to 25 May 2005

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Working documents

  • Guidelines for CCRI(II) key comparisons (revised)
    C. Michotte 25/05/2005
  • Conclusions of the CCRI(II) activity comparisons workshop
    C. Michotte 23/06/2005
  • Acronyms for measurement methods
    G. Ratel 21/02/2005
  • Presentation of the work of the IFIN-HH
    M. Sahagia 09/03/2005
  • ANSTO Report
    D. Alexiev 23/03/2005
  • Review of the activities at the CSIR-National Metrology Laboratory
    B.R.S. Simpson 04/04/2005
  • Recent SADCMET events in ionizing radiation
    F. Van Wyngaardt 06/04/2005
  • Proposals for CCRI(II) Key Comparisons
    KCWG(II) 18/04/2005
  • Publication of activity comparison results in the KCDB Appendix B
    P.J. Allisy-Roberts 13/04/2005
  • Update report on the phasing out of old data from the KCDB
    P.J. Allisy-Roberts 15/04/2005
  • Summary of the research programme related to radionuclide metrology at the IIK
    G. Winkler 15/04/2005
  • APMP/TCRI activity summary 2005 (revised)
    D.V. Webb 23/06/2005
  • Report on the development of the future SIR
    D. Reher 25/04/2005
  • Report of SIM laboratories to the CCRI (section II, measurement of radionuclides)
    L.R. Karam 26/04/2005
  • LNMRI Radionuclide report 2003/2004
    C.J. da Silva 27/04/2005
  • Progress on the NMi-standards for radioactivity measurements
    W. de Vries 28/04/2005
  • Recent activities in activity measurement at the Czech Metrology Institute
    P. Dryák 28/04/2005
  • Progress report on radionuclide metrology at the OMH (2003-2005)
    L. Szucs 28/04/2005
  • Status of the International Reference System (SIR)
    G. Ratel 29/04/2005
  • Activity carried out at the ENEA-INMRI on radionuclide measurements in the period 2003-2005 (revised)
    M. Capogni 02/06/2005
  • Laboratory report 2003-2005 of IRMM
    U. Wätjen 29/04/2005
  • Progress report of NMIJ/AIST
    Y. Hino 03/05/2005
  • APMP comparison of the activity measurements of Ce-139
    Y. Hino 29/04/2005
  • Review of the activities related to metrology at the IAEA's Seibersdorf Laboratories (2004-2005)
    U. Sansone 29/04/2005
  • Proposal for relevant comparisons of natural and related reference materials
    L. Karam 02/05/2005
  • AQCS activity in radiometrics at the IAEA Marine Environment Laboratory, Monaco
    M.K. Pham 03/05/2005
  • LNE-LNHB Progress report 2003 to 2005
    N. Coursol 04/05/2005
  • Short report on EUROMET IR project number 721 (revised)
    M.-M. Bé 23/06/2005
  • Review of activity (2003-2005) at the RC, POLATOM
    R. Broda 05/05/2005
  • EUROMET IR-TCC short report (revised)
    N. Coursol 24/06/2005
  • IAEA Subprogramme on Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics (DMRP)
    B. Zimmerman 13/05/2005

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