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Meeting of the CCRI(I) (2001)

23 May 2001


Working documents

  • Dosimetry comparisons and calibrations at the BIPM from 1999 to 2001
    P. J. Allisy 06/06/2001
  • 1999-2000 Activity of the Laboratory for the State Primary Standards of Ionising Radiation in the Field of X-, Gamma-, Beta- and Electron Radiation Dosimetry, from VNIIM
  • New correction factors for the OMH air kerma standard for 137Cs and 60Co radiation
    I. Csete, OMH
  • Report on the activity carried out at ENEA-INMRI on photon and charged particle dosimetry in the period 1999-2001
    R.F. Laitano
  • Progress report 2000-2001 on dosimetry of photons and charged particles
    B. Chauvenet, BNM-LNHB
  • Progress report on the radiation dosimetry at OMH
    I. Csete
  • Characterization of the BIPM low-energy x-ray facility following a change of x-ray tube and high-voltage generator
    D. T. Burns
  • IAEA dosimetry and medical radiation physics sub-programme report on activities, 1999-2000
    A. Meghzifene 31/05/2001
  • Activites and projects in the period 1999 to 2001 at the Dosimetry Laboratory of the BEV
    J. Witzani
  • Recent dosimetry activities at the NIST
    S. M. Seltzer
  • Additional uncertainty in NIST 60Co absorbed-dose-to-water calibrations
    J. Shobe
  • Update on NIST brachytherapy standards and calibrations
    P. Lamperti
  • NIST 60Co radiation-processing calibration fields
    M. Desrosiers
  • Informative progress report on the standards for water absorbed dose at PTB
    H.-M. Kramer
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry at NPL
    P. Sharpe
  • Recent Activities in Measurement Standards and Dosimetry at ARPANSA
    D.V. Webb
  • NRC activities and publications, 1999-2001
  • Report of the AIST to the CCRI Section I
    N. Takata 06/06/2001
  • Euromet project 364- Comparison of primary air-kerma standards for x-ray qualities used in diagnostic radiology
    Wim de Vries 09/05/2001
  • Progress report on radiation dosimetry standards, facilities and related topics at NMi, 1999-2001
    A.H.L. Aalbers 09/05/2001
  • Free-air chamber correction factors for electron loss, photon scatter, fluorescence and bremsstrahlung
    D T Burns 31/07/2001
  • National Laboratory for Metrology of Ionizing Radiation (LNMRI)
  • Physical parameters, correction factors and comparison results for the ENEA air kerma standard for Co-60 gamma rays
    R.F.Laitano 24/05/2001

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