Working Group Members

CCQM Task Group on Nano- and Microplastics Measurements and Standards (CCQM-TG-NMMS)


Dr John Kucklick

National Institute of Standards and Technology

United States of America


Dr Åsa Jämting

National Measurement Institute, Australia



Date Established: April 2022

Status: Active


Terms of Reference

  • To review outcomes from the April 2022 workshop and report back to the CCQM community
  • To propose and deliver future activities to enhance CCQM’s understanding of the field over the next 24 months, covering the environmental, food, health and consumer goods sectors to allow needs and gaps to be assessed
  • To liaise with expert practitioners, researchers and the documentary standards community to further assess priority needs in relation to the metrology community, including considering the most effective modes of engagement such as surveys or forums for exchange of information
  • To review activities across NMIs and DIs and RMOs with current and planned nano- and microplastics programs in order to review capabilities and drivers and draft an initial summary of the status by November 2022
  • To liaise with CCQM WGs, other CCs with activities relevant to nano- and microplastics to both inform members of stakeholder needs and share information on related programs and development work within the metrology community
  • To present and provide a written report to the April 2023 CCQM plenary on the status of the task group’s work for feedback and comment
  • To develop a list of potential CCQM activities for Nano- and Microplastics Measurements and Standards for presentation to the April 2024 CCQM plenary

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