Working Group Members

CCQM Task Group on Guidance for the estimation of a consensus KCRV (CCQM-TG-KCRV)


Dr Stephen Ellison


LGC Ltd.

United Kingdom


Date Established: November 2020

Status: Active


Terms of Reference

The task group is established to review and update CCQM guidance note CCQM13-22 on “Estimation of a consensus KCRV and associated Degrees of Equivalence” (“the guidance”)

Amendment of the guidance should include both editorial and technical revision. The task group shall accordingly:

  • Make any editorial corrections identified since publication;
  • Update the bibliography guidance to refer to relevant recent publications;
  • Add new and improved statistical procedures identified since initial publication of the guidance, including procedures for graphical inspection, for estimation of a KCRV and for calculation of degrees of equivalence and associated uncertainties;
  • Have regard to experience and documented practice developed in the different CCQM working groups;
  • Add sufficient worked examples (“case studies”) to illustrate the application of the revised guidance;
  • Submit a draft document for review by the CCQM prior to publication.

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