Working Group Members

CCQM Strategic Planning Working Group (CCQM-SPWG)


Dr Sang-Ryoul Park

Principal Research Scientist, Division of Physical Metrology

Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science

Korea (Republic of)

Executive Secretary

Dr Robert I. Wielgosz

Director of the Chemistry Department

Bureau international des poids et mesures


List of meetings

Meetings and related documents

Past Meeting

  • 15
  • December
  • 2022

Past Meeting

  • From 17 to 18
  • March
  • 2022

Past Meeting

  • 01
  • December
  • 2021


Terms of reference

  • To draft and update the CCQM Strategic Planning Document, with input from the CCQM WGs and RMO TCs in Metrology in Chemistry, for review, comment and approval by the CCQM;
  • To develop an advisory opinion on the BIPM programme in Metrology in Chemistry for comment, review and approval by the CCQM.

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