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Meeting of the CCQM-OAWG (2019)

3 to 4 October 2019


Working documents


CCQM-K147 Niacin in Milk and Formula Track A Model 2 Comparison Draft Final Report

C. Arzate, M. Osuna, K. Lippa and H. Aragon


APMP.QM-S11 Organochlorine Pesticides in Ginseng Root Supplementary Comparison Draft Final Report

D. W. M. Sin, W. H. Fung and W. F. Wong


SIM:QM-K27.2019 Ethanol in Aqueous Matrix subsequent comparison Draft Final Report

E. C. P. do Rego, J. M. Rodrigues, L. J. de Carvalho, T. M. Monteiro, V. S. da Cunha


CCQM-K146 PAH in Olive Oil Track A Comparison Draft B Report

H. Li, X. Li, Q. Zhang, X. Lu and S. Li

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