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CCQM-GAWG Task Group on Aerosol Metrology (CCQM-GAWG-TG-AEROSOL)


Dr Konstantina Vasilatou

Federal Institute of Metrology METAS



Dr Andrew Brown

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom

CCQM-gawg-tg-aerosol tor

Terms of reference

  1. To develop a Roadmap for Aerosol Metrology setting out the metrology gaps to be addressed to meet future legislative and stakeholder needs. The roadmap with cover all relevant aerosol metrology measurands, including, but not limited to: particle number concentration, particle mass concentration, particle size distribution, black carbon mass concentration and particle surface area.
  2. To deliver international laboratory comparisons at the CCQM level, establish standard methods for uncertainty analysis and determining comparison reference values, and harmonise CMC claims. Three new areas of interest have already been identified:
    1. PM2.5 cut-off size and mass concentration, related to air quality.
    2. Number concentration and charge concentration of ultrafine particles, related to emissions control and air quality monitoring.
    3. Size of ultrafine particles down to 10 nm, related to the Euro 7 regulation under development and ambient measurements.
  3. To facilitate a two-way engagement between NMIs / DIs and relevant stakeholders / end-users (climate, policy, regulators, inventories etc.) to:
    1. Enable NMIs/DIs to disseminate best measurement practice and their capabilities.
    2. Enable stakeholders / end-users to set out current and future measurement needs for airborne particle metrology.
    3. Build consortia for collaborative research projects to address these measurement needs.
  4. To define or agree upon terminology and nomenclature in aerosol metrology.

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