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CCQM GAWG Task Group on Advanced Spectroscopy (CCQM-GAWG-TG-ADV-SPEC)


Dr Joseph Hodges

Research Engineer

National Institute of Standards and Technology

United States of America


Date Established: April 2022

Status: Active

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The goals of the Task Group are to complete:

  • a pilot study comparison (P1) of primary spectroscopic methods for amount-of-substance obtained from spectrally resolved measurements of wavenumber, light attenuation, optical pathlength, pressure, temperature, etc. and fits of first-principles, physics-based models to the observed spectra with known quantum assignments,
  • a second pilot study (P2) extending the proposed approach to measurements of absolute isotopologue abundance.

In so doing the Task Group will:

  1. promote the development and realization of independent primary spectroscopic methods for amount-of-substance,
  2. leverage expertise in traditional gas analysis methods with capabilities in advanced spectroscopic methods and quantum chemistry calculations, to establish robust uncertainty budgets for reported results of relevant measurands,
  3. develop measurement protocols for intercomparison of primary spectroscopic methods,
  4. provide SI-traceable, line-by-line spectroscopic reference data required for first-principles models of linear absorption spectra,
  5. develop a proposal for the extension of these activities to other atmospherically relevant species.

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