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World Metrology Day 2023: ‘Measurements supporting the global food system’

Happy World Metrology Day 2023!

The Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM) is celebrating World Metrology Day on 20 May 2023. The theme this year is “Measurements supporting the global food system”.

Watch the video shorts on measurements supporting the global food system for broader perspectives on the importance of metrological traceability and equivalence of measurements in food safety, trade and authenticity to comply with high quality standards to protect the health of consumers and foster the global food trade.


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Opening presentation

Steve Wearne (FSA/Codex)

Colleen Bryan, Carolyn Burdette, Melissa Phillips, Lee Yu (NIST, United States of America)

Julian Braybrook (NML, LGC and UK Gov. Chemist, United Kingdom)

Malcolm Burns (Head of GMO Analytical Unit and Principal Scientist, LGC, United Kingdom)

Chiara Nitride (UNINA, Italy)

The European Commission’s science and knowledge service, Joint Research Centre

  • Enabling reliable food safety testing in Africa - Nwabisa Takata (NMISA, South Africa)
  • Chemical metrology research at KEBS - Tabitha Orwa (KEBS, Kenya)
  • INRAP Addressing challenges faced by the food industry - Hanen Klich (INRAP, Tunisia)

  • Ensuring food safety through the detection of food additives in the nanoparticle form - Johanna Noireaux (LNE, France)
  • The importance of Metrology for development of sustainable food packaging materials - Giulia Barzan (INRIM, Italy)
  • Plant pathogen diagnostics: How plant matrix changes the efficiency of DNA extraction - Alexandra Bogožalec Košir (NIB, Slovenia)
  • Interlaboratory comparisons - Elias Kakoulides (EXHM, Greece)
  • Measurements supporting the global food system (METAS, Switzerland)

  • Capacity building of pesticide measurement - Hongmei Li (NIM, China)
  • Food certified reference materials - Byungjoo Kim (KRISS, Republic of Korea)
  • Development of standard solutions for diarrhetic shellfish toxin - Taichi Yamazaki (NMIJ, Japan)
  • Accuracy-based proficiency testing programmes - Tang Lin Teo (HSA, Singapore)

  • Measurements supporting the global food system – Patricia Gatti (INTI, Argentina)
  • Metrology for quality assurance in Bolivian food – Yamil Acho Sarzuri (IBMETRO, Bolivia)
  • Certified reference materials to ensure reliability of food measurements - Janaina Marques Rodrigues (INMETRO, Brazil)
  • Contribution of metrology to the protection of food health – Soraya Sandoval Riquelme (RNM, Chile)
  • Food packaging material – Norma Gonzalez Rojano (CENAM, Mexico)
  • LATU as a support for the agro-industrial production chain in the country – Florencia Almiron (LATU, Uruguay)