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CCM Working Group on Pressure and Vacuum (CCM-WGPV)


Dr Karl Jousten

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt



Dr Jorge Torres Guzmán

Centro Nacional de Metrología


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Upcoming Meeting

  • 16
  • May
  • 2023

Past Meeting

  • From 14 to 16
  • April
  • 2021

Past Meeting

  • 11
  • May
  • 2017


Terms of reference

The CCM Working Group on Pressure and Vacuum (WGPV) is concerned with the metrology of gauge, differential and absolute pressure as well as very low gas flow related to vacuum and sealing technology. The main tasks of the group are:

  • To advise the CCM on issues related to pressure and vacuum metrology;
  • To maintain service categories for the units realized by the WG and used in the BIPM database to register CMCs;
  • To define and organize the CIPM Key Comparisons for establishing the equivalence of national primary standards for pressure and vacuum and very low gas flow at the highest acc
  • To review the results of completed key and supplementary comparisons;
  • To set the technical criteria for establishing and reviewing CMCs in the field;
  • To organize and perform reviews of CMCs in the field;
  • To encourage and, if requested, coordinate research and development in the field of pressure and vacuum metrology to cope with the present and future needs of science, industry and society worldwide;
  • To provide guidelines in the field of pressure and vacuum metrology related to the CIPM MRA.

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The CCM Working Group on High Pressure (CCM-WGHP) and on Low Pressure (CCM-WGLP) were merged into CCM-WGPV in 2014. For documents related to earlier meetings, please refer to:


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