Working Group Members

CCM Working Group on Mass (CCM-WGM)


Dr Stuart Davidson

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom


Dr Richard Green

Team Leader in Metrology

National Research Council of Canada


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Upcoming Meeting

  • 23
  • May
  • 2023

Past Meeting

  • 23
  • April
  • 2021


Terms of reference

  • To study, develop and advise the CCM on issues related to realization and dissemination of the kilogram;
  • To define, organize and approve the necessary key comparisons;
  • To review the results of completed key and supplementary comparisons and plan and support new comparisons; and
  • To facilitate the submission and review of CMCs by establishing technical review criteria and service categories and providing guidance on and coordinating the review process, and
  • To revise and maintain the mise en pratique of the definition of the kilogram.

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The CCM Working Groups on the Dissemination of the Kilogram (WGD-kg) and the Realization of the Kilogram (WGR-kg) were merged into CCM-WGM in 2019. For documents related to the 2019 and earlier meetings, please refer to:


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