Working Group Members

CCL Working Group on Strategic Planning (CCL-WG-S)


Dr Ismael Castelazo

Centro Nacional de Metrología



Dr Gianna Panfilo

Bureau international des poids et mesures


ccl-wg-s TOR

Terms of reference

Terms of reference:

  • to collect and make available information giving evidence for the continuing importance of metrology in Length;

  • to collect and make freely available information from the Member NMIs of the CCL regarding long-term research and development activities in order to encourage collaboration and coordination;

  • to propose long-term plans for future activities of the CCL over the next ten to fifteen years and review and update these plans on a regular basis;

  • to collaborate with the CCTF to continue to establish and support optical frequency sources that are needed for dimensional metrology interferometers.

List of meetings

Meetings and related documents

Past Meeting

  • 29
  • June
  • 2020

Past Meeting

  • 13
  • June
  • 2018

Past Meeting

  • 22
  • September
  • 2015

Past Meeting

  • 18
  • September
  • 2012

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