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CCL Working Group on Dimensional Nanometrology (CCL-WG-N)


Dr Andrew Yacoot

National Physical Laboratory

United Kingdom

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  • October
  • 2021

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  • October
  • 2019

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  • June
  • 2018

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  • 23
  • September
  • 2015


Terms of reference

At its meeting in September 2012 the CCL approved the following terms of reference for the CCL-WG-N:

  • To serve as a forum in which NMI experts in dimensional nanometrology can share their experiences, discuss standardization needs, and identify developing trends and traceability needs in dimensional nanometrology.
  • To promote and rationalize the research into dimensional nanometrology, looking for improving calibration and measurement services within NMIs, so offering new accurate and traceable services as demanded by R&D Institutions, Industry and other Stakeholders.
  • To coordinate (in cooperation with the WG-MRA) the completion of previously agreed-upon pilot studies, supplementary, and key comparisons in dimensional nanometrology.
  • To serve as a discussion and development forum for new comparison proposals in dimensional nanometrology and to make recommendations to the CCL when new comparisons are needed.
  • To serve as a CCL nanometrology contact point for relationships with other CCs and organizations outside the CCL.

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