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CCEM Webinar on ‘Introduction to radiofrequency and microwave metrology’

25 January 2024

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Introduction to radiofrequency and microwave metrology

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Introduction to S-parameter Metrology
Markus Zeier (METAS)

Scattering parameters (S-parameters) are fundamental measurement quantities in the domain of RF & Microwave. They are measured with a vector network analyzer to describe reflection and transmission of a device under test. This presentation will give a high level introduction into S-parameter metrology, highlighting applications, challenges and progress in the field.

Introduction to Radio-Frequency Power Measurements
Christian J. Long (NIST)

Power measurements are critical for many applications, including development of energy-efficient electronics, prevention of electromagnetic interference, and characterization of non-linear electronic devices. Here we offer an introduction to the theory and practice of power measurements from the perspective of a National Metrology Institute. We discuss different types of power sensors, the kinds of measurements they make, and some of the tradeoffs among them. We also discuss how power measurements are tied to the International System of Units (SI) through primary experiments and how those measurements are verified through international intercomparisons.


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