Working Group Members

CCAUV Working Group on Strategic Planning (CCAUV-SPWG)


Dr Michael Gaitan

Project Leader, Acoustics and Vibration

National Institute of Standards and Technology

United States of America


Dr Enver Sadikoglu

National Metrology Institute of Turkey/TÜBITAK Ulusal Metroloji Enstitüsü



Dr Gianna Panfilo

Bureau international des poids et mesures



Terms of reference

The terms of reference of the CCAUV Working Group on Strategic Planning (CCAUV-SPWG) are to:

  • establish a view on emerging requirements for CCAUV metrology, the way these are driven by societal and industrial stakeholder needs and the key enabling technologies providing solutions to the highlighted challenges;
  • provide input within the area of AUV into the CC Strategy Document; "Future Needs in Metrology" documents; which will be the basis for the strategic plan proposed to the CGPM;
  • provide expert input and advice to the CC Strategy Document identifying future pilot studies and Key Comparisons;
  • advise the CCAUV on the optimal operational structure, e.g. for information gathering, collation and dissemination;
  • share information on national priorities (e.g. roadmapping) for emerging metrology helping NMIs to formulate improved metrological programmes;
  • identify areas suitable for collaboration, thereby allowing impact to be accelerated;
  • monitor and respond to developments within other CCs, including the future of the SI, which might impact on the area of CCAUV.

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