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BIPM-APMP Workshop on "Sound Beginning in the CIPM MRA" - “APMP procedure and technique for peer review and CMC submission”

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Mr Chingis Kuanbayev

Bureau international des poids et mesures



BIPM-APMP Workshop

The hybrid workshop is being organized under APMP TCQS initiative project, co-operating with APMP TCEM, between the BIPM, APMP and MASM. It will enhance the user’s knowledge and experience of the BIPM and APMP on the procedures and techniques involved in the CMC submission and review process.

The workshop aims to help developing NMIs achieve 'right first time' submissions into the CMC peer review system. It will support developing NMIs in preparing and making their first submissions of CMCs. The Workshop will be organized in the form of lectures and discussions, allowing knowledge transfer and experience sharing between participants and experts.

Target audience

For participants from developing NMIs within APMP that have signed the CIPM MRA but not yet submitted CMCs.

The Workshop is open to other RMO's participants (Contact APMP focal point for the workshop). It should be emphasized that this workshop is suitable for developing NMIs/DIs that have signed the CIPM MRA but not yet submitted CMCs.


The 2-hour hybrid workshop will be organized on 15 June 2023, during the APMP Mid-Year Meeting 2023 at the Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology (MASM), Mongolia.

Programme Highlights

  • The CIPM MRA Requirements, the BIPM KCDB (KCs, SCs, CMCs and statistics)
  • The APMP QS Requirements, documentation on the management system, the importance of peer reviews, and CMC reviews within APMP
  • APMP’s procedure combining the peer review and RMO review process into one operation within TCEM, Preparation of the submission and declaration of CMCs according to CMC table
  • Success story of CMCs submission by MASM - in electricity

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