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qNMR for Organic Primary reference Material Value Assignment




qNMR has become increasingly used in the last decade within the metrology community as a principal method for the value assignment of purity (mass fraction) of organic pure reference materials. The BIPM Headquarters’ laboratory together with NMIJ (Japan) and other expert NMIs have been active in the field, including the development of an octad of internal reference standards that can be used for 1H qNMR experiments.

In 2024 the BIPM will be developing online eLearning modules which will allow NMR practitioners at NMIs/DIs to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of qNMR techniques for value assignment of pure organic materials. The online modules will be accompanied by a summer school in the BIPM Headquarters’ Laboratories, which will be a week-long practical course, the first of which is provisionally planned for 24-28 June 2024.

Further information about the course, including eligibility criteria, can be found through the link below.

Those wishing to participate in the summer school should complete the application form before 15 December 2023.


Application form for the BIPM qNMR Summer School (2024)


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