cbkt-mm-bipm on-line course - organic pure materials

On-line course: Quantification of Non-structurally Related Impurity Content in Organic Pure Materials


To transfer knowledge and practical experience on the implementation of Elemental analysis, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, Karl Fisher Titration, Sorption Balance, and VOC analysis methods for the accurate quantification of non-related structure impurities in pure organics and applicable to mycotoxin materials.



The BIPM is offering an on-line training course in 2021 on ‘Methods for non-structurally related impurity quantification for Organic Pure Materials’, replacing the BIPM on-site knowledge transfer activity within the Mycotoxin Metrology CBKT activity. The course is intended for NMI scientists working in organic analysis and wishing to further their theoretical and practical knowledge in the use of Karl Fischer Titration, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Sorption Analysis, Elemental Analysis and techniques based on GC- and NMR-methods to measure residual solvent content to deliver an accurate, traceable quantification of the non-related structure impurity content in a pure organic material. The ability to undertake this assessment is a key element in the implementation of a “mass balance” method for organic purity assignment.

BIPM is providing online-lectures and electronic training material. Access to the course’s on-line lectures and documentation can be obtained by submitting a registration using the online registration form, with access to on-line documentation valid for 1 year.


Course Content

The course will consist of six self-contained modules, with the first module available at the start of May 2021, and new modules added each month on the following subjects:

Module 1: Course Overview and Gravimetry of Organic Materials Module 2: Water content measurements by Karl Fischer Titration Module 3: Water content by Thermogravimetric Analysis and Vapour Sorption Module 4: Use of Elemental Analysis and Ion Chromatography Module 5: Use of GC- and NMR-based methods to measure residual solvent content Module 6: Combining Method Data and Course Summary Each module will include online instruction describing practical measurement work with different analytical techniques.


Equipment used in course modules

The following list of equipment is used within the course modules:

  1. High accuracy balances
  2. Coulometric Karl Fischer titrator
  3. GC-MS fitted with a column capable of separating volatile organic solvent
    or GC-FID/GC-MS with headspace analyser or equivalent detection capability
  4. NMR spectrometer
  5. Thermogravimetric analyser
  6. Elemental analyser (for %C, H, N measurements)


Availability of on-line course material

Module 1: Online lecture available 10th May 2021

Module 2: Online lecture available 14th June 2021

Module 3: Online lecture available 12th July 2021

Module 4: Online lecture available 13th September 2021

Module 5: Online lecture available 11th October 2021

Module 6: Online lecture available 10th November 2021


Further courses and participation

Institutes that had already expressed their interest in participation in the BIPM on-site equivalent training programme for 2020/2021 have been able to register for an extend on-line training course, with measurement materials and follow-up video conferences on individual measurement techniques provided by the BIPM. All places for the 2021 extended course are filled and laboratories interested in future editions of the extended course can contact the BIPM to register their interest.

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