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The CBKT-CA-BIPM project is designed to allow NMIs to strengthen their gas standard capabilities and further develop their national metrology infrastructure in support of their air quality and emissions measurement communities.

Through the project, NMIs will be able to follow BIPM on-line knowledge transfer programmes, enabling them to establish and operate FTIR capabilities within their own institutes for the value assignment and comparison of gas standards for air quality and emissions monitoring.

NMIs wishing to nominate scientists to participate in the on-line knowledge transfer programmes, may do so through the application procedure below.

The on-line knowledge transfer programme starting in 2021 is a replacement for the on-site training secondments for NMIs scientists, which have been in operation until 2020.

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Financial support

The BIPM thanks the following institutes for providing financial support for six-month secondments from the listed participating NMIs:

  • PTB (Germany)
    • CENAM (Mexico), 2016
  • NPL (UK)
    • NPLI (India), 2017
    • NMISA (South Africa), 2018
    • KazInMetr (Kazakhstan), 2019
    • KEBS (Kenya), 2020
    • NIMT (Thailand), 2021

NMIs/DIs interested in providing financial support for this initiative are invited to contact the BIPM for further information.

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