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2022 - BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0

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Mr Chingis Kuanbayev

Bureau international des poids et mesures




The BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0, a joint initiative between the BIPM and SIM, was designed to support SIM member NMIs and DIs who write CMCs on the KCDB and SIM TC/WG Chairs (TC/WG Members) who operate the CIPM MRA CMC review processes and comparisons.

The online training course held in April 2022 was the follow-up event to the global course entitled "Optimizing the CIPM MRA - the KCDB 2.0", organized at the BIPM in November 2019.

The course content was organized in a logical sequence, from the specifics of the CIPM MRA requirements on CMCs and comparisons, to the technical tools of the KCDB 2.0 that support these mechanisms. Knowledge transfer was carried out through lectures, which were followed by case studies and practical exercises. The practical exercises were sent one week ahead of the training course, so registered participants could familiarize themselves with KCDB 2.0 facilities in advance. The practical exercises were organized using an offline tool reproducing the KCDB 2.0 and its web platform. Each participant was asked to register in the system as CMC Writer, Reviewer and Pilot of comparisons, and acted as TC/WG Chair for the exercises.


20-22 April 2022

Programme Highlights

  • CIPM MRA requirements
  • SIM participation in the CIPM MRA
  • Demonstration of the KCDB platform's features
  • Interactive exercises (CMCs and comparisons) using the KCDB Platform
  • Case study: CC approaches to handling CMCs and comparisons
  • Case study: SIM internal procedures for the intra-RMO review of CMCs
  • Case study: SIM TC/WG Chair experience on the JCRB review of CMCs

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CIPM MRA Brochures

CIPM MRA Brochures

The BIPM offers its thanks to NIST (USA) for providing the funds, via the CBKT programme, to prepare the suite of brochures.