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2022 - GULFMET: Peer reviewers within the CIPM MRA

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Mr Chingis Kuanbayev

Bureau international des poids et mesures



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The BIPM-GULFMET online training course entitled “Peer reviewers within the CIPM MRA” is a joint initiative between the BIPM and GULFMET. The course is designed to equip GULFMET peer reviewers with appropriate information on the key aspects relevant to review of quality management systems and CMCs within the CIPM MRA.

The CIPM MRA peer-review process for quality management systems and CMCs ensures that the data declared on the KCDB is reliable. The CIPM MRA indicates that the responsibility for the review lies with the individual RMOs, and peer reviewers should meet the requirements outlined in Appendix A of the document CIPM MRA-G-12 (Quality management systems in the CIPM MRA).

The online course, to be held in June 2022, is part of the GULFMET Peer Reviewers Qualification Scheme.

The course content is organized in a logical sequence, from the fundamentals of the CIPM MRA, its requirements on quality management systems and CMCs, to the technical tools of the KCDB 2.0 that support these mechanisms. Knowledge transfer will be carried out through presentations and practical demonstrations of the KCDB.


7 and 9 June 2022 (two 2-hour online sessions)

Programme Highlights

To provide potential peer reviewers from GULFMET with basic knowledge about the CIPM MRA and its related activities, the course will consider:

  • Roles and Participation in the CIPM MRA: BIPM, CCs, JCRB, RMOs
  • CIPM, OIML, ILAC and ISO: Joint declaration on metrological traceability
  • CIPM MRA requirements: Quality Management Systems and QS procedures as given in CIPM MRA-G-12
  • Joint ILAC-CIPM communication regarding the accreditation of calibration and measurement services of national metrology institutes
  • CIPM MRA requirements: Calibration and Measurement Capabilities (CMCs), CMC submissions and reviewing on the KCDB 2.0, Guidelines CIPM MRA-G-13.


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