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The BIPM/OIML Brochure
National Metrology Systems

The Brochure was developed based on the joint BIPM/OIML publication National metrology systems - Developing the institutional and legislative framework (OIML D 1:2020). It summarizes all the aspects covered by the joint publication, with six inserts providing additional information on

  • the role of government in a national metrology system,
  • international aspects of national metrology systems,
  • assessing metrology needs that support national priorities,
  • policy implementation options for governments,
  • legislating for metrology: setting up necessary institutions and legal regulations, and
  • developing a metrology system responsive to future technology change.

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The material is available in English in a format that is suitable for printing. Files intended for professional printing are available through the BIPM and OIML secretariats.

If you wish to translate the brochures into other languages, please contact the CBKT or CEEMS teams for the source file and permission rights.



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