– the intergovernmental organization through which Member States act together
     on matters related to measurement science and measurement standards.
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CIPM MRA documents
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  Title Doc. no. Latest update
Text of the CIPM MRA
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  Oct. 2003
The CIPM MRA Interpretation Document CIPM/2005-06(REV) Aug. 2018
Guide to the implementation of the CIPM MRA CIPM MRA-G-01 Aug. 2018
Traceability in the CIPM MRA
Exceptions: AUV | EM | L | M | PR | QM | RI | T | TF
CIPM/2009-24 Aug. 2018
Designated Institutes participating in the CIPM MRA: Expectations and nomination form CIPM MRA-D-06 Aug. 2018
Services available to Associates States and Economies of the CGPM and their participation in the CIPM MRA CIPM/2005-05(REV) Aug. 2018
Use of the CIPM MRA logo and certificates statement CIPM MRA-D-02 Sep. 2018
Procedure for approval of the entry of a new RMO to the JCRB CIPM MRA-P-01 June 2009
Subcontracting of measurements under the CIPM MRA CIPM/2005-09(REV) Aug. 2018

  Title Doc. no. Latest update
Measurement comparisons in the CIPM MRA CIPM MRA-D-05 March 2016
Key and supplementary comparison registration and progress form
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  July 2017
CIPM MRA Guidelines for Authorship of Key, Supplementary and Pilot Study Comparison Reports CIPM MRA-G-04 Oct. 2011
Publication of a Final Report in Metrologia's Technical Supplement
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  March 2016