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2020 BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0

BIPM-SIM Workshop

The BIPM-SIM Training course: KCDB 2.0, a joint initiative between the BIPM and SIM, a roll-out of the global course "Optimizing the CIPM MRA - the KCDB 2.0" organized in November 2019. This course is designed for staff from NMIs/DIs in the SIM region who are involved in the CMC process as submitters, reviewers and TC/WG Chairs.

The course will address the key elements at regional and interregional level related to effective engagement in the CIPM MRA. The focus will be to increase the quality of early stage submissions of CMCs and effective review thorough the 'redesigned' system. Improved understanding of all of the elements will help avoid participants having to learn by 'trial and error'.

Training will be organized using an offline tool reproducing the KCDB 2.0 and its web platform. Each participant will be asked to register in the system as CMCs Writer, Reviewer and Pilot of comparisons, and will act as TC/WG Chair for the exercises.

  • Programme highlights:

  • Workshop documents:

  • Training dates:
    • 22-24 April 2020, INTI, Argentina
      The course has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Further information and new dates will be given as soon as possible.

  • Support:
    • The course is funded by NIST.

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