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2021 CBKT Webinar: Accelerating CARICOM engagement in the CIPM MRA

2021 CBKT Webinar

The BIPM is organizing a webinar on the CIPM MRA for the countries of CARICOM (Associate Economy of the CGPM). The webinar will support CARICOM NMIs in their engagement in the CIPM MRA.

The programme of the webinar will cover international aspects of metrology and specifically the engagement 'tools' in the CIPM MRA and it will also cover a regionally specific perspective.

  • Programme highlights:
  • DAY 1: Role of metrology

    1. Metrology and Global QI
    2. Metrological traceability
    3. Role of NMIs
    4. Available mechanisms for providing metrological traceability
    5. National and Regional aspects (CARICOM experience)
    6. SIM + International aspects of metrology
    • Q/A + discussions

    DAY 2: CIPM MRA is a secure technical foundation

    1. CIPM MRA overview
    2. Assuring data quality in the CIPM MRA (requirements)
    3. Case study
    • Q/A + discussions

    DAY 3: KCDB 2.0 technical exchanges

    1. KCDB environment
    2. KCDB User account
    3. KCDB CMC writing platform
    4. KCDB Search facilities
    5. KCDB Statistics
    • Q/A + discussions

  • Target audience:
    • Those who oversee and manage the metrological infrastructure in their country; staff of NMIs who submit CMCs; CMCs reviewers; and those staff who participate and pilot comparisons.

  • Dates and time:
    • Date: 12-14 January 2021.
    • Time: 16:00 - 18:00 CET (UTC +1)
    • Duration of sessions: 2 hours each day

  • Registration:

  • BIPM CB&KT programme