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International Workshop on Alpha Emitter Therapy

Radiopharmaceutical therapy, employing alpha-emitting radionuclides like 223Ra and 225Ac, has shown remarkable efficacy in treating various cancers. However, ensuring the safe and efficient administration of these drugs hinges on accurately measuring the radioactivity dose given to patients. Due to the complex decay patterns and chemical attributes of these radionuclides, there are still challenges in ensuring the traceability of radioactivity measurements in such drugs. To address these challenges, the CCRI Radionuclide Therapy and Quantitative Imaging Working Group, in collaboration with the EURAMET AlphaMet project, organized an international workshop at the BIPM HQ in February 2024. This event convened clinical practitioners, metrologists, and representatives from the manufacturing sector to discuss measurement requirements and potential solutions.

One of the primary outcomes of the workshop will be a paper outlining recommendations on how the metrology community can address the measurement needs articulated by their clinical counterparts.

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The two-day hybrid workshop attracted 60 attendees on-site and 235 participants online, marking it as the most well-attended CCRI event to date. Internationally recognized experts delivered 25 invited talks on various topics, including radiopharmaceutical development, isotope production, clinical nuclear medicine, and radionuclide metrology. These presentations facilitated a comprehensive understanding of each field's capabilities and enabled the identification of specific measurement challenges. Discussed topics encompassed clinical applications of targeted alpha therapy (TAT), alpha-emitting nuclide production and availability for nuclear medicine, dosimetry protocols for TAT, and the necessity for primary and secondary standards for radioactivity measurement and traceability.