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2024 World Metrology Day

On behalf of the World Metrology Day Team, we are pleased to announce that the 2024 World Metrology Day resource website is now live.

WMD resource website

The theme this year is Sustainability. Our focus for World Metrology Day in 2024 is therefore on the numerous measurement opportunities that contribute to the establishment of a sustainable global economy and environment. This year also marks the official recognition by UNESCO of 20 May each year as a UNESCO International Day. This designation opens new avenues to promote metrology, aligning with UNESCO’s mission to construct a better world through science and education.

The 2024 poster was designed in association with EURAMET and TÜBITAK UME, Türkiye. The resource website additionally provides access to the Press Release, the Directors’ Message, and the official posters in both English and French.

The success achieved in the previous year lays a strong foundation, and we hope to exceed that accomplishment in 2024. Kindly assist us in promoting World Metrology Day and inform the WMD Team about the events you plan to organise, so that we can feature them on the website. To get inspired, explore the events organized in previous years.