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Successful CBKT forum hosted by the BIPM

The BIPM hosted the forum “Supporting RMO Secretariats” on 27-29 September 2023.

The forum was developed for RMO secretariat staff and was organized as part of the CBKT programme. It focused on exploring an integrated mentoring tool that was envisaged in the BIPM 2024-2029 Strategy and addresses Resolution 6 On universal adherence to the Metre Convention, adopted by the 27th meeting of the CGPM (2022).

The objective of the forum was to deepen the secretariats' understanding of the BIPM's activities and services, empowering them to participate effectively in front-line tasks related to the international aspects of metrology. Lectures and discussions covered topics such as stakeholder engagement and global digital transformation, as well as RMO projects, interests and specific needs.

An online toolbox indexing various BIPM and RMO interfaces was made available to the participants at the conclusion of the event. It consolidates comprehensive information related to all the topics elaborated over the course of three days, addressed at the specific needs of the RMO Secretariats and the joint BIPM-RMO projects.

The BIPM is delighted to have fostered a platform for RMO secretariat colleagues to connect and to share expertise both professionally and personally.