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New digital references available for all CMCs

The KCDB web portal 2.0 includes a unique and persistent identifier for each published CMC (and each version of a CMC). It is thus possible for users to incorporate these unique identifiers when required, for example in quality documentation or calibration certificates to establish a machine-readable link to the KCDB.

A Quick Start Document on using Unique CMC Identifiers is available on the KCDB help page.

The need for a statement about metrological traceability in digital calibration certificates (DCCs) was recognized through feedback to the 2022 survey organized amongst members of the Consultative Committees. The survey analysis, which is detailed in Rapport BIPM-2023/01, concluded the following:

  • 56 % of all respondents have at least one digital project ongoing or intend to start one
  • DCCs are the digital transformation topic of greatest interest to NMIs/DIs
  • it is not clear how a statement of metrological traceability should be provided in the DCCs.

The BIPM is developing an Application Programming Interface to facilitate the retrieval of the CMC records for a specific identifier. This new service will be made available in the near future.