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The BIPM is a key contributor to the Partnership of international organizations for effective international rulemaking, the IO Partnership

The Partnership of international organizations for effective international rulemaking (IO Partnership) is a platform that brings together secretariat members of numerous International Organisations (IOs) alongside a broad range of stakeholders - including governments, the private sector, civil society and academia - to foster co-operation in international rulemaking. The IO Partnership aims to build greater confidence among domestic regulators and legislators. It also seeks to ensure that international instruments meet their policy aspirations and needs, while supporting their adoption in the national legal framework.

The BIPM is member of the IO Partnership since 2016, serving as a co-focal point of the Working Group 5 on Maximizing the opportunities for co-ordination since 2019 and as the focal point of the Working Group 2 on Enhancing inclusiveness of international rulemaking since 2021. On 4-5 May 2023, Principal Liaison Officer Rahima Guliyeva attended the IO Partnership's technical meeting on behalf of the BIPM. Discussed topics included the future of the IO Partnership, the role of international rulemaking in a "disruptive" environment, overcoming barriers to collaboration among IOs, agility and impact of international instruments. At the meeting, Rahima moderated the exchanges on stakeholder mapping and the session on inclusiveness, which main objective was to share insights and best practice regarding operational challenges of stakeholder engagement at different stages of rulemaking.