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The Inter-American Metrology System joins the BIPM e-learning platform

The Inter-American Metrology System (SIM) formally signed the practical arrangement to participate in the BIPM e-learning platform on 16 March 2023. Since the launch of this capacity building resource in 2021, the training material made available by the BIPM and Regional Metrology Organizations and the number of learners has grown, reaching 17 courses and 840 registered users as of 16 March. The courses cover topics from technical guidance on calibration and uncertainty estimation to quality related aspects such as submission of CMCs and other CIPM MRA related processes.

The e-learning platform is an important tool for SIM to fulfil its mission of supporting the development of the measurement capabilities and quality infrastructure in America. It is a way to foster science through innovation, enabling SIM Members to build new capacities in an efficient manner and to improve their scientific and technical capabilities. It is also a way to share the knowledge developed in our region, enhancing cooperation with other regions.

Quote from SIM President, Dr Javier A. Arias Real


Prompted by the travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the resource has grown into an inspiring example of adopting digital technologies for sustainable sharing of metrological knowledge. The online interactive activities have been developed using the Moodle learning management system, a fully customisable open-source system with a broad range of functionalities. Moodle allows the course providers to deliver contents and assign tasks in various formats for different learning styles, provide an overview of learning progress and keep users updated on newly available material.


Looking forward, the BIPM is happy to announce that the BIPM Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Programme (CBKT) continues its efforts to bolster world-wide metrology capabilities. Most recently, a joint initiative was launched, together with the OIML, to develop an e-learning course and brochure based on the BIPM-OIML document National Metrology Systems - Developing the institutional and legislative framework. The project, financed by METAS (Switzerland) - aims to provide support to the broad metrology community and particularly to countries and economies with emerging metrology systems that are willing to implement sound metrological frameworks. Both deliverables are expected for later in 2023 and will be announced in due course.


Image top left © Carole Martin