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Metrology for Climate Action Workshop 2022: First Announcement

The online workshop on Metrology for Climate Action, to be hosted by the BIPM and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) on 26-30 September 2022, is now open for preregistration of interest. Potential partner and stakeholder organizations are also invited to register their interest.

The aims of this workshop are to present progress and identify requirements for further development of advanced measurements, standards, reference data, comparisons, calibrations and metrological techniques to support the physical science basis for and adaptation to climate change, as well as efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

The workshop will cover the themes of metrology in support of the physical science basis of climate change and climate observations, as well as metrology in support of greenhouse gas mitigation. The output of the workshop will be a set of recommendations on key technical challenge areas for metrology over the next decade.

This workshop follows on from two previous events, one in 2010 on Measurement Challenges for Global Observation Systems for Climate Change Monitoring and the second in 2015 on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements.