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Memorandum of Understanding between the BIPM and IFCC

The BIPM-IFCC Memorandum of Understanding was signed electronically by Dr Wynand Louw, President of the CIPM on 14 September 2020, and by Dr Khosrow Adeli, President of the IFCC on 15 September 2020.

The BIPM and the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) cooperate to ensure that data published by the IFCC, related in particular to chemical properties and measurements, makes appropriate consideration and reference to the SI units, metrological traceability and measurement uncertainty and to support the development and maintenance of a traceable measurement infrastructure for clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine.

The IFCC is a major partner in the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM). The BIPM and the IFCC are founding members of the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM) since 1997. The IFCC participates in the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM) and the Consultative Committee for Units (CCU).


BIPM-IFCC Memorandum of Understanding